Regina Temple on Effectively Reducing Employee Turnover

The healthcare industry continues to grow as individuals are taking more of a vested interest in their health. To support patients, healthcare facilities hire nurses who can provide high-quality care to their patient population. Because nurses are in high demand, organizations should develop ways to retain them. Regina Temple provides some steps you can take to keep nurses in your organization.
Review these five strategies so you can retain your best nurses, reduce turnover, and improve patient care:

Be strategic during the hiring process.

The hiring process is a nurse’s first impression of the organization, so it’s crucial to develop a hiring plan that’s helpful and accurately reflects the organization’s values. To do this, you may consider the following actions:

• Write a complete job description.
• Keep candidates updated on their application status.
• Perform a comprehensive review of each application.
• Read reviews from candidates and employees to gather feedback.
• Stay engaged with candidates during the interview.

Create a recognition program.

Most employees, no matter what their role is, appreciate recognition in the workplace, Regina Temple says. Recognition can help employees feel like an important part of the organization, increase their confidence, and motivate them to remain loyal to the company. Explore ways you can show nurses you care about the work they do and always appreciate their efforts. A good recognition program allows peers to nominate their coworkers. You can also mention top performers in the company newsletter or give gift cards to your top-performing employees.

Develop the right company culture.

The right company culture can both attract new candidates and retain the ones you hire, adds Regina Temple. The culture of a workplace typically has a direct impact on employee productivity, creativity, problem-solving abilities, collaboration, and behavior. As a manager or human resources professional, you can help develop a culture that makes all employees feel supported. When your employees appreciate the company culture, they are more likely to refer other professionals in their network. This can increase the number of quality nurses you hire.

Listen to feedback.

Regina Temple points out that it’s important to be open to feedback from your employees so you can see the workplace from their perspective. This can help you cater to their needs better. To gather feedback, you may conduct employee surveys or host meetings where everyone can participate in an open conversation about ideas and motivations. You can also ask existing employees about the reason for their decision. Regina Temple suggests requesting feedback regularly to ensure that you’re able to address any issues right away.

Offer a competitive salary.

Because nurses are in high demand, other organizations offer a sign-on bonus, competitive salary, and an attractive compensation package that may include extra paid time off, tuition reimbursement, and other company perks. Although your current staff members may enjoy working at your facility, it’s important to offer a competitive salary that rivals those of competing organizations. If salary is a key factor for an employee, and they’re a nurse who is valuable to the organization, you should retain them by paying them a wage they’re happy with.

Regina Temple has served in the healthcare community for over 30 years. She has worked in various settings, from unionized to non-unionized facilities, for-profit to not-for-profit organizations, acute care centers, and outpatient clinics. For more articles on healthcare leadership, employee satisfaction, retention, and other related topics, subscribe to this page.

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