Regina Temple: The Healthcare Industry Needs Good Leaders

Healthcare leader Regina Temple mentions that good leadership brings so many long-lasting benefits to any organization. In the healthcare industry, good leaders are needed now more than ever.
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Good leadership can improve the bigger picture.

Improvements to the healthcare system are very much possible with effective leadership. In fact, experts say that healthcare should be looking to the future. Healthcare institutions should be positioning themselves to help professionals provide the best healthcare services and solutions to patients who need them the most. It is regardless of insurance status, access to money, and where they live.

If a healthcare team is uncoordinated and unfocused, patients are the ones who often pay the price. Great leaders facilitate communication and boost productivity. They put others first. This ability is vital to quality patient care since healthcare always requires a quick response to issues that arise. In these situations, communication and efficiency are more than crucial, says Regina Temple.

Good leadership seeks long-lasting solutions to the most pressing problems.

Regina Temple mentions that leaders are also skilled in recognizing a volatile situation. They can also proactively consider potential problems. Leaders who can innovate can come up with solutions to those problems and contribute to the future of healthcare.

In addition to this, to address the repetitive and monotonous tasks in healthcare, many healthcare workers are hopeful that both technology and automation will improve their overall experience on the job and allow them to focus more on patient care.

Good leadership can keep workers happy and fulfilled.

One of the biggest issues in healthcare today is the chronic shortage of professionals. It is widely known that an increasing number of healthcare professionals are experiencing burnout.

Surveys have shown that in the United States, nearly half of healthcare employees are planning to leave their current positions and are planning to do so within the next few years. In fact, in a 2022 survey of 1,000 healthcare professionals, 48 percent expressed their frustration with their organizations, establishments, and institutions, believing that no one is doing enough to address burnout.

Because of this, the healthcare industry is in dire need of leaders who can identify the problems that are leading to healthcare workers’ burnout and resolve these challenges.

Good leadership is a lot more than being a manager of people.

While leadership and management are often confused with each other, according to Regina Temple, the reality is that true and effective leadership involves much more than just the day-to-day operations of a business. In healthcare, in particular, there is a need for leaders who look to the future of healthcare and how to improve it.

Healthcare leadership is important to every country. According to reports, the United States has higher healthcare costs than any other country. Moreover, while the number of uninsured people in the U.S. is lower than before, the healthcare system is very much dependent on access to this type of coverage.

Another report compared similar countries. In the United States, researchers found that the country had a higher-than-average rate of diabetes and congestive heart failure. It also had the highest pregnancy-related mortality rate and a higher percentage of reported medication, as well as a higher percentage of treatment errors when compared to the majority of comparable countries.

Regina Temple has served in the healthcare community for over 30 years with experiences ranging from for-profit to not-for-profit organizations, unionized to non-unionized facilities and acute care settings to outpatient centers. Read similar articles on healthcare and leadership from Regina Temple by clicking here.

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